Small Games

Here’s a collection of small games, usually around 2 pages long.


Co-written with my wife Riis (nee Lisa), this is a game about unrequited love. First published in the Indie Mixtape Vol. 1, edited by J. Walton. It was in part inspired by the song Distance by Christina Perri, and it seeks to recreate those movies from the 80s and 90s in which one character, the Infatuated, is in love with their Crush and has asked their best friend to help — unaware that the best friend is secretly in love with the Infatuated. It’s a game for two, in which you play through the interaction of the Infatuated and the Friend as they plan increasingly crazy schemes to win over the Crush.

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This is a hack of John Harper’s two-page game Ghost/Echo. It’s a simple system with some evocative art and names of characters, places, threats, and items for playing a fun little session in a gothic fantasy setting. It’s purposefully vague and minimal in order to let the players create the details as you play.

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A ship and its pilot have traversed the stars for centuries. While the ship is still young, the pilot’s body is reaching the end of its journey. The time has come to lay the pilot to rest.

The ship’s systems are sustaining the flickering flame of the pilot’s life force on the approach to the final resting place. Memory recall helps to keep the brain’s activity in flow for a little while longer, and so they tell each other of stars and wonders.

eulogic is a two-player, two-page story game created for the #AdAstraJam 2019.

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