LARPs (Live Action RolePlaying games) are something I’m still learning about, but that hasn’t kept me from designing a couple of my own.

Far Space

This Survival LARP is unique in that it is influenced by escape rooms and the BSG board game. It takes a setup like that of Stargate: Universe, in which the characters (4 to 8 players) were investigating a recently discovered, abandoned alien spaceship on Mars when other alien ships suddenly attack. The players now go through three events of 45 minutes length, trying to solve crises and survive. It’s eminently possible that some or all of the characters die, possibly even by the end of the first event. The difficulty with this game is its requirements: lots of cards and sheets to print out and sort, plus it requires 4 kitchen timers (or smartphones, if people are willing to use those) and a timer app running on a laptop or tablet. But if you can get all that together, you’ll have a rather unique game experience.

The final version is available at cost (rounded up) on The Game Crafter:


I wrote this LARP for the Golden Cobra design challenge in 2014. It has its roots in my 5+ years of improv classes and performances. This is most visible in its improv warm ups, but the setup itself is also inspired by scene work I’ve done in the past. It’s a game about siblinghood, and therefore it’s small and personal. Though you could perform it for an audience if you’ve brave enough; it was actually designed specifically to be playable at conventions even if you’re playing in busy hallways. You’ll have to do some printing and cutting, but that’s it for prep.