Digital Games

Still working out how to share these, as I’ve recently taught myself Python (and am working on learning GUI interfaces, like Kivy). Here’s one for now:

Invid Dogfight

Get into your Veritech and have a dogfight with an Invid! This simple game is based on the very first game hacking I did as a teen in the 90s. I made a set of dogfight rules for the Palladium Robotech game. They were based on both sides rolling dice for maneuvering, which resulted in one of several positions: head to head, one flanking the other, or one tailing the other. Each had some bonuses or penalties for to-hit rolls (and some weapons can’t be fired backwards). Players could decide to forego their attacks for a bonus to their next maneuver roll. It was a simple system that made a good learning example for me. Here’s a link to the text-based version on

Invid Dogfight (Text)

I’ve also created a visual version in Godot (GDScript is very close to Python, which made this much easier). It’s an exe file, so your computer may give you a warning about that. It does include, as a bonus, an original song I put together in an hour or so as background music, because I wanted to test that out as well 🙂 You’ll need to extract the exe with its package file into a folder somewhere; the zip file is about 17MB, unzipped it’s less than twice that. (It runs under Microsoft Windows only at this point, I’m afraid.)