I started making songs in the early 90s (my early teens). Back then, I was part of the “tracker scene,” so called for the software used to make songs. Trackers (like FastTracker2, my favorite, or ScreamTracker) were created mostly by demo groups who used them to create, you guessed it, songs for demos. Making demos was a huge thing back then, but that’s another story.

Shortly before I left for the States, my older brother was working for Steinberg Media Technologies, creators of Cubase. From their employee store, he gifted me a copy of Propellerheads Reason (the original), which I still have and use for most of my songs. It’s basically a software that imitates racks of synthesizers, drum machines, and such, complete with cables you can connect serially and otherwise. The other software I use is a free alternative to Reason called Caustic, which I strongly recommend if you’d like to start making songs of your own.

If you’re curious, here’s a link to my bandcamp site. You’ll find that I mostly make two kinds of songs: weird atmospheric industrial, and bog standard hard trance. Specifically, this song called “Abandoned” is inspired by John Harper’s Ghost Lines RPG.