This is a list of my finished tabletop RPGs. You can find more details on these, plus downloads of supportive docs, on our berengad.com publishing website.


There are journeys that instill in us a sense of wonder and magic, stories that take us through worlds of imagination and sensual evocation. Whether it’s Atreyu or Bastian making their way through Phantasia, Alice exploring the Wonderland, Helena traversing the Cities of Light and Shadow, Ink trying to reach the headquarters of the Incubi, or Sarah finding her way through the Labyrinth of the Goblin King, their journey is always the heart of their story.

Meridian is my magnum opus, bringing all my design skills to the table to make something that adds its own unique spin on the wondrous journeys genre that has given me my favorite book (The Neverending Story) and my favorite movie (Ink). It’s the game that lets you play these kinds of journeys and focuses on giving you evocative pieces to make each journey unique.

Meridian was kickstarted in 2016 and is now available via The Game Crafter.

You can also get the print&cut version on itch.io.

Anima Prime

Published in 2011, Anima Prime is an action RPG inspired by Japenese video game RPGs and anime. It won the Indie Games Award for Best Free Game that year. It has its own site with all sorts of download links (including the full text as Creative Commons):


The book version is available on amazon.com.

The PDF version is available on DriveThruRPG as Pay What You Want, where it is an Electrum Bestseller, and on itch.io.

Check the Drafts page for a playtest version of a new Anima Prime edition.

Beast Hunters

First published in 2007, Beast Hunters was my wife Riis (nee Lisa) and my first full-sized RPG design. In it, players set their wits and weapons against the deadliest of beasts. Challenge them, kill them, and use their blood in the ink of the tattoos commemorating your victory and in so doing, claim a portion of their power.

The brand new 2019 Bloodcarved Edition is now available on DriveThruRPG and on itch.io! It completely revamps the system while staying true to its roots, providing a more smooth, streamlined, thematic, and powerful experience.

The original game is still up on DriveThruRPG.